The Leadership Challenge® — Quick Facts
Stephen Hoel | Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®
The Leadership Challenge®

James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Based on over three decades of research, found common patterns of how ordinary leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations.
Great leaders are not born, they learn.
Leadership is an observable, learnable set of practices represented in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.
It's all about relationships — leadership is everyone’s business.
The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI 360) presents one of the most widely-used, valid and reliable instruments in the world today that both managers and non-managers [individual contributors] across both private and public organizations can take to assess their skills and use this feedback to improve leadership abilities. You will receive personal and confidential feedback at the workshop.
Worldwide research and over eight hundred doctoral studies have documented findings that LPI scores are positively related to job satisfaction and employee commitment levels. Job satisfaction, productivity, and organizational commitment are significantly correlated with The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. Anyone can learn how to measurably improve effectiveness as a leader.
Of the numerous 360° instruments on the market today, we have found that the LPI 360 offers a reasonably-priced, easy-to-administer and understandable way to build effective leadership skills. It can be built into action plans, skill-building workshops – with the results measured through follow-up successive administrations of the instrument.
Action planning and successful completion of planned goals are an integral part of the workshop design to achieve measurable results.
Much of the learning takes place through “Experiences with Impact.” Participants learn in ways that stick and can be realistically applied back in the workplace.
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