Emotional Intelligence

Our consultants use the approach that success in a person's personal or professional life is linked more to their emotional understanding than it is to their innate intelligence. A person can have a high IQ and not be able to get along with people. We believe that relationships are the keys to success. In essence, we must connect the knowledge of the head with the emotions of the heart [click here for Connecting the Head and the Heart].

Most of our classes use this approach of Emotional Intelligence [click here for our Training Workshop Matrix].

We are certified in the use of the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®) which assists individuals in a self-analysis of their emotional well-being.
We are also certified in the use of the EQ-360™ that utilizes a 360° review process. This instrument helps people gain a self-rated understanding of their own emotions — and how that compares with the way others perceive the same emotional understanding.
Emotional Intelligence helps people become more effective at dealing with others and at building more effective relationships, thus increasing their success in personal and professional endeavors. As a developmental tool, it assists organizations and teams build better relationships among members. All this is in alignment with our main goal of building more inclusive and productive environments.