We don't usually think about how we communicate, we just do it…
and that is the problem!
Conversation | Debate | Discussion | Dialogue
What's the Difference?
In collaboration with Cross Learning Associates | Dr. Arthur Cross
The Clash of the Colander Heads
The Most Important Communication Tools You Will Ever Learn
We all have conversations we know could have gone better, if only we knew how. Whether you are trying to improve your one-on-one communication or want to create an open environment where groups can better understand each other to reach optimum decisions, this is for you!
Communication has become a key business process.
Where does the Clash of the Colander heads come from?
What can we do about it?
What should we not do about it?
Difficult Conversations | Workshop [Click here for more information]
Improve your one-on-one communication skills to have those conversations you've been avoiding, but know you have to have. Understand why they are difficult and prepare yourself for more effective interactions.
The Art of Dialogue | Workshop [Click here for more information]
Discover a process to achieve higher levels of understanding to reveal different points of view — between two or more people — where solutions emerge that no one thought of at first.
Dialogue, Now You're Talking
Dialogue, Now You're Talking | Workshop [Click here for more information]
To make our workshops even more effective, we have recently added excellent videos from Quality Media Resources titled Dialogue, Now You're Talking. These demonstration videos support the concepts we have developed around moving from Debate to Dialogue utilizing the skills of…
Suspension [of judgment, decision-making and status],
Listening [with empathy for understanding, showing you care] and
Discovery [uncovering and sharing hidden assumptions in yourself and others].

We include a dramatization of how dialogue helps us communicate across job functions, helping improve relations between people at different levels within the organization as well as between different departments or areas of expertise.

Specific diversity areas for focused dialogue practice are presented in separate video practice:
Dialogue for Cultural Understanding, Dialogue Between Genders and Dialogue Among Generations.

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