What Our Clients Say

The most beneficial program Diversity Leadership Consultants has managed for both Osceola and Orange Counties has been The Leadership Challenge®. Stephen has administered The Leadership Practices Inventory to almost 200 leaders of all levels in both organizations. I highly recommend the consulting services of Diversity Leadership Consultants — and Stephen Hoel, in particular. He has the ability to successfully facilitate established training programs or design new programs based upon specific criteria. His strength in managing these programs, keeping them on track and within budget was critical to his continued success and I personally found the executive coaching provided as part of DLC’s deliverable a critical component of leadership training not generally offered by other consulting firms.

Laura Blackmon, Assistant County Manager for Osceola County, Florida
County Manager for Orange County, North Carolina

When we selected Stephen Hoel to help us improve the leadership skills of our managers, we made it clear we were looking for long-term partners in this effort rather than just contractors delivering courses. Each of the courses has been custom-designed to meet the specific needs as specified by the Chief Learning Officer. Stephen and his team have provided exceptionally well-received instruction and facilitation in all courses as evidenced by the over 250 evaluations received.
Thomas H. Bryan, Chief, Career Development Division,
Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General
His [Stephen's] extensive experience has ensured that he can prepare and present an MBTI module that is easily understood, entertaining and educational. His sessions provide our students with a clear understanding of the concepts and how to use those concepts in our work environment. Participant responses have been very positive and we look forward to continuing these sessions with Mr. Hoel throughout the coming years.
Anita Sharnighouse, Keystone Program Manager,
Defense Contract Management Agency
I recently attended The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and my experience could not have been better… the course was put together very well from the curriculum to the smallest details… the class members were looked after and cared for with great consideration for each person's needs. The staff dedicated themselves to enhancing, if not changing the culture so that creativity, thinking outside the box and asking ourselves as leaders to remember that showing recognition, in even the smallest ways is the key to keeping the passion going.
Rob McAleenan, Quality Assurance Supervisor,
DCMA Raytheon Tewksbury