Connecting the Head and the Heart
I am deeply interested in helping leaders make the connection
with how important building relationships is
to becoming a successful leader.


Because for many years,
I didn't understand or believe it myself…
until I learned … the hard way.

Yes, I was an autocratic, directing, "my-way-or-the-highway" sort of fellow when I first tried out this management thing. And I almost sank into management oblivion — until I woke up and realized that…
everyone around me has a brain.
everyone around me has a purpose.
everyone around me can be motivated.
everyone around me wants to be a part of a larger success.
And when I discovered these simple but complex truths, I started to change how I viewed the world around me, and everyone that is a part of that world changed.

It is no longer OK to expect people to leave their brain at the door when they come to work and do what another person says, just because they happen to be the boss. It is no longer OK to assume the only reason people are at work is to punch a time clock and collect a paycheck. They want to be included as a part of an organization that has a higher purpose — and if I just listen to people, I can have a huge impact on their motivation.

Most of what I have discovered in leadership research today supports what I have learned and that is what I want to share with the people I teach…

that better solutions come from a diversity of different opinions. 
that inclusive environments produce more satisfied and productive colleagues. 
that showing care and compassion for constituents leads to higher motivation
and stronger business results.
that focus on people is what drives higher performance and higher performance
drives higher profits.
Focusing on business results without truly understanding the needs of the people who are going to get you the results is like a football coach keeping both eyes on the scoreboard and forgetting about the players and the individual plays that will ultimately win the game.

This is what is meant by Connecting the Head and the Heart. It takes both the management functions of the head combined with the leadership functions of the heart to produce highest levels of success.

This is what drives everything we do at Diversity Leadership Consultants.